Use Rule

As we keep dignity of our hotel based on Article 10 of General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contract in THE KITANO HOTEL TOKYO and establish use rule for the purpose of having you also spend safely comfortably while guest stays in our hotel again as follows, we would like your cooperation. We may decline the use of facilities in guest room and our hotel by Clause 7.01 of Article 7 of General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contract by any chance when you cannot cooperate for this rule. In addition, we would appreciate your understanding so as we cannot take responsibility about accident that we occurred as a result that cooperation of guest was not provided at our hotel.

  • Please do not smoke inside our Hotel.
  • Please do not use firearms (excluding the firearms in the guest room) for heating and cooking in hotel.
  • Please do not bring the following thing into hotel:

    Animals and any other pets (but excluding guide dog);

    Something which produces bad smell or unusual smell;

    Remarkably multi-amount Goods;

    Explosive and inflammable item such as fire powder and gasoline;

    Illegally owned guns and swords; and

    Any other goods we are recognized as threatening safety of other guests.

  • Please do not do gambling or disturbing public morals in hotel.
  • Please do not make loud noises, sing loudly or do any other acts disturbing other guests.
  • Please do not do acts to trouble other guests or hotel by use of sleeping drug or any other drugs.
  • We may decline the hotel use of person having illness causing trouble with other guests.
  • You can’t move facilities and equipment to other places in hotel without consultation with our hotel, and please do not change the arrangement of our hotel to any great extent.
  • The guests shall be charged to the equivalent amount when the building, furniture, equipment and/or other articles belonging to our hotel are damaged, lost or contaminated by reasons other than inevitability
  • Please do not use guest room for purpose except staying and eating and drinking without approval of our hotel.
  • Please do not access the place except business facilities in hotel without permission, and please do not make an unreasonable demand for the access.
  • Please do not bring dishes and drinks into our hotel nor order dishes and drinks from outside of our hotel without approval of our hotel.
  • Please do not distribute advertising or publicity materials nor sell goods in our hotel without approval of our hotel.
  • Please do not leave your belongings in the hallway or other public areas
  • Articles of virtu are not permitted to be deposited with our hotel.
  • Please do not exhibit thing disfiguring hotel on the window side.
  • We decline payments on behalf of guests or any other persons for such as purchase charges, ticket charges, taxi fare or any other money.
  • Missing articles or things left behind shall be handled in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • When the reservation for accommodation is not complied or has been complied on that day, the predetermined deposit amount shall be required.
  • When the restaurant or the bar in hotel is used by signature, please show the room key to our hotel.
  • Please note that charges for use of facilities are added to telephone on the use from the guest room.
  • Please do not bring unregistered guests into your room.
  • Except with the specific consent of either their parents or guardians, minors are not permitted to stay at our hotel.
  • If you would like to change the lengths of your stay, please contact the front desk beforehand. Guests requesting to extend their stay shall pay the entire amount for the original length of stay.
  • When bills are presented for payment from the front desk during stay, they shall be settled immediately.
  • Payment of all hotel services may be in cash, traveler’s check which is accepted by our hotel or credit card. In addition, with the exception of travelers check, no checks will be accepted for payment.
  • Guests are reminded that unauthorized publication of photographs taken on the premises of our hotel for business is prohibited. Parties failing to adhere to this regulation may be subject to legal action.
  • We add 10% of calculation as service charge (or 15% of calculation as room service charge) other than predetermined tax. Tip to employee declines.
  • Please do not appear with yukatas, pajamas or slippers outside guest rooms such as corridors.
  • These Use Rules fall under the category of standard terms of contract (teikei-yakkan) under the Civil Code of Japan, and any part of these Use Rules may be amended by us in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code if such amendment is beneficial to the members or necessary for a reasonable purpose. Amendments to these Use Rules shall be made by posting the changes on the company’s designated website and shall apply from the effective date. In the event of any amendments to the Use Rules, a document or a tablet terminal stating such amendments will be available in the guest room.
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