50 years of experience in Tokyo and NY

    Global standards and Japanese hospitality

  • 2SPACE

    Creation of a beautiful and comfortable space

    Emphasis on relax and functionality, seasonality and ancient Japanese aesthetics



    A place for customers to rest mind and body in a healthy environment
    High quality wellness facilities and services

  • The Kitano Hotel


    The Kitano Hotel Tokyo has two roots.
    One is the service apartment “Kitano Arms” for long-term residents, used by political and cultural characters for more than 50 years.
    The other is The Kitano Hotel New York, NY’s first Japanese-owned hotel, which has also been trusted by customers for nearly 50 years.
    Tokyo and New York: two countries and more than 50 years of experience in meeting the diverse needs of customers from different backgrounds.
    We combined this experience and in 2019 a new luxury boutique hotel, The Kitano Hotel Tokyo, was born in Japan.
    We not only meet the global standards in hospitality, but we also take pride in offering customers the best service and support in the heart of true Japanese spirit.

    About KITANO Group HISTORY
  • The Kitano Hotel


    Travel and business in Tokyo are very fast and can sometimes drain you.
    We created an environment where our guests are able to feel at ease, relax and take a break and enjoying a good night’s sleep in a Japanese atmosphere. While maintaining functionality and comfort we hope that our customers will feel the beauty of living in the moment in a traditional Japanese spirit.
    Our hotel is not only for our guests, as we also promote opportunities for international exchanges in the spirit of our roots.

    About Rooms

    A Homely Comfort and a Desire to Return

    Much of our current work is inspired by the discoveries made during our involvement in the construction of the Kitano Museum of Art Togakushi in 2015.
    A great hotel is one that creates a sense of at-home comfort and invokes in our guests the simple desire to return.
    Its design should be predicated upon the character of the neighborhood in which it stands.
    With these tenets in mind, the contemporary design of THE KITANO HOTEL TOKYO reflects the stature of the surrounding Japanese megalopolis as well as a deep respect for the long, colorful history of the region.
    We hope that our contemporary-style seated tearoom, superb Japanese architecture, and luxurious interiors project the calm, comfort, and tranquility of traditional Japanese wa.

    Takashi Imazato

    Born in Tokyo, 1928. Graduated from Tokyo Fine Arts School (currently Tokyo University of the Arts), Department of Fine Arts, Architecture. After working in the Isoya Yoshida Institute, established Takashi Sugiyama Architect & Associates. Notable works include Ryōgoku Sumo Hall (collaborative design), the Ikegami Honmon-ji Reception Hall and Mausoleum, and the Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art. Board member of The Goi Peace Foundation; International Chado Cultural Foundation trustee; formerly visiting scholar at Tokyo University of the Arts.

  • LOCATIONThe Beauty of Hirakawachō

    The main entrance of the hotel is located near the Hirakawachō intersection on Route 246, which, as it passes through central Tokyo, is the gateway to Japan’s major institutions.
    On the east side of the hotel, you will find the Imperial Palace and the National Theater, the heart of traditional Japanese arts.
    Within walking distance are the Nagatachō government district, Akasaka – mitsuke nightlife district, and Chidoriga fuchi Park, making the hotel a convenient node for matters of both business and leisure, and the ideal location from which to impart the harmonious essence of wa.

  • Bedding


    We at the Kitano Hotel believe that “a hotel is not just a place where to stay at, but somewhere to rest and recover mind and body”.
    We built our hotel using the highest rank hypoallergenic materials, we provide ergonomic bedding solutions by Airweave and stain-proof sheets.
    And finally, we offer our customers high quality wellness facilities and restaurants that embody our philosophy: we take care of both our clients’ body and mind.

    For COVID-19 Protection. About WELLNESS
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